GIS – Application Development Course

Enables the learner to rapidly develop GIS Applications

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July 2023
GIS Data Development Course 20th July 2023 8:00 am & 5:00 pm
GIS Application Development Course 20th July 2023 5:30 pm

Course Introduction

This course imparts fundamental GIS Development concepts with a focus on developing custom GIS applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

In the course exercises, you work with developer resources and windows / web controls to create GIS applications that include map creation and navigation, feature selection and rendering, geospatial operations, data management and editing, and Geoprocessing.

This course provides the foundational knowledge and skills needed to take Developing Applications Using the Microsoft .NET Framework, Extending the GIS Applications, and Developing Web Applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Course Curriculum


Topic Names

Various kinds of GIS Software

Software Development Concepts


.Net Architecture

Creating Console Applications in C#.Net

Creating Windows Forms Applications in C#.Net

C#.Net Language Basics

Introduction to OOPS


Creating an application on OOPS in .Net

Building add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop

Creating Custom Button using Desktop Addins

Creating Custom Tool using Desktop Addins


Creating Custom Tool Bar using Desktop Addins

Creating Custom Toolbar Palette using Desktop Addins

Creating Custom Menu using Desktop Addins

Rendering using Desktop Addins

Draw Point and Polyline using Desktop Addins

Creating Map Elements using Desktop Addins


Creating Dockable Window Statistics using Desktop Addins

Working Geoprocessing Tools using Desktop Addins

Creating ComboBox using Desktop Addins

Schema Creation – File Geodatabase, Feature Dataset, Feature class and Insertion of Features using Desktop Addins

Building Simple Application Extension using Desktop Addins


Introduction to ArcSDE

Introduction to ArcGIS Server

Introduction to AGOL

ADC Training GOAL

Geosys GIS training programs aims to give a strong theoretical foundation and excellent hands-on skills to prepare participants explore careers in and meet the challenges of the GIS world.

  • Create standalone Engine windows applications.
  • Work with the class diagrams.
  • Working with desktop and enterprise Geodatabases.
  • Helps to create new GIS services to host a web application.
  • Create web applications.

After successfully completing this course, you will have acquired an understanding of general GIS terms and the basic functionality of GIS software suite.

  • Working with Console applications.
  • Creating .Net applications in Engine windows application.
  • Working with Class diagrams.
  • Create Engine Windows applications.
  • Create a stand alone mapping application.
  • Create and Adding Tools to the Toolbar Control.
  • Creating a Toolbar Palette.
  • Creating a Pop-up.
  • Customizing the Toolbar control.
  • Working with Menu strips.
  • Create Custom Tools using Item Templates.
  • Working with Geodatabases.
  • Creating Webservices in webserver.
  • Creating Web mapping applications.
  • Deploying Engine windows application.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to
  • Introduction to Objects and Classes in GIS
  • Application Programming Interface-API Controls
  • Map Controls
  • Working with Feature Classes
  • Constructing and Using the Geometry Features
  • Spatial Database creation and administration
  • Creating Customized Tools using Class Library Applications
  • Rendering Geospatial Data


Q. What is the pre-requisite to take GIS - ADC Training?
  • Any person with passion and who wants a career in GIS Development can opt for GIS-ADC Course.
  • Knowledge on GIS is required.
  • Should be a graduate.
  • Minimum 2years of GIS Experience is required.
  • An Experienced Professional who wishes to switch over to GIS Development.
  • Any GIS Professional who wishes to improve his/her skills.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Any Graduate with Good grasping skills.
  • Good Communication & Presentation Skills.
  • Minimum 2 years of GIS experience is required.
  • Self-Starter, Problem Solver, Strong Analytical Skills.


Q. Does Geosys offer any Projects?
A. Yes, with every course we have a sample project document along that contains complete source code. We also provide a special course on developing Projects which will help you to learn the process involved in all the stages of data development and application development.

Q. What is the pre-requisite to take GIS - ADC Training?
A. The Trainee should have knowledge on GIS.

Q. Do I need to know Programming to learn GIS-ADC?
A. No, it’s not required. Programming will be covered in depth as a part of the curriculum.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Our programs are very competitively priced and reflect the level of choice and availability of modules open to you as a Trainee.

Q. Can I take a break between modules?
A. We appreciate that you are likely to be balancing study with other commitments such as employment and family and so we will do our best to accommodate any requests you make.

Q. How long does it take to complete the program?
A. We have four programs. The table below illustrates the duration of each course

Program Duration Batch time
GIS - DDC 4 weeks Flexible Timings
GIS - ADC 4 weeks Flexible Timings
Web API’s 4 weeks Flexible Timings
Q. What could be the idle Job description, if I get selected for any company?
  • Be a Part of GIS Application Development Team.
  • Understanding Client's Requirements.
  • Be a Part of GIS Developers Team.
  • Could be a part Development Project.

Q. Who will clarify my doubts, if any?
A. You can post a question to And we could provide you with the solution.


Posted by : Ramesh Gorupoti ★★★★★
"I am Ramesh Gorupoti, a ArcGIS desktop Professional with 9 years of experience. And planned to update technology and joined to learn ArcObjects course with 1 month duration with Geosys. The course covers topics right from to arc objects, which helps me to build custom tools,menus,extensions within the Arc GIS environment . Finally Geosys have good friendly environment, well equipped lab facilities and experienced faculty who were really help me all my course duration. Thank you Geosys. Best Regards, Ramesh Gorupoti."

Posted by : Jaswanth Kumar ★★★★★
"My name is Jaswanth Kumar , I have undergone ArcGIS-ADC course in Geosys Enterprise Solutions, it will be very helpful to my career build in GIS Application and in ArcGIS Software development, here in Geosys the faculty teaching has been very good and very helpful in providing any information about GIS ."

Posted by : Satish Nagendra ★★★★★
"I am working in GIS field from last 7 years, but I want to grow up in-depth knowledge on GIS. So I choose Geosys, my choice is 100% right as Geosys has good teaching faculty and excellent lab facility. Here you have good scope to learn ADC and DDC courses. Especially Bhargavi madam and Shefali madam, both are very helpful to improve my knowledge on development course. So I strongly recommend all of you guys, Geosys is the best way to fulfill your developing knowledge in GIS and moreover you get jobs opportunities through Geosys. Thank you GEOSYS for improving my knowledge."

Posted by : Abdul Bari ★★★★★
"Working in Middle-East for last few years and was looking forward to switch to the GIS-Industry and searched for an institute for professional training and Geosys is the right choice to take the course and teaching here is job oriented with highly qualified professional trainers. I have completed DDC course looking forward to take ADC course in future. Thanks to the faculty."

Posted by : Priyanka Bhogaje★★★★★
"Hello! I am Priyanka Bhogaje pursuing GIE. Completed training(ADC) in Geosys Enterprise Solutions. Glad for getting trained in such a great course of GIS, Staff are very Good, great platform for GIS students. Hoping this Organisation and the courses which they are providing will be useful for upcoming students:) Thanks GEOSYS !"

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