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IOS Mobile Applications Development Training Course

The IPhone Application Development course is primarily designed for beginners and experienced programmers who want to learn how to create applications for IOS (IPhone mobile operating system). The step-by-step lessons at Geosys start from basics of OOPS, and then introduction to Objective c (Programming language for developing IOS applications) and cover all that you need to develop professional IPhone Apps. There are chapter wise quizzes and coding assignments after each unit to help and reinforce your understanding.

Course Curriculum

IOS Application Development Course Placement-Cum-Training Program:

1. Introduction to Xcode

In this Session students will come to know about xcode(sdk) and its templates ,app life cycles and they themselves familiar with xcode .

2. Objective c programming language

In this Session students will come to know about Classes, Object and data types. How methods are used in coding. Objective c syntax and constructs, how to define properties, foundation classes, message sending at runtime.

3. MVC design par diagram

This Session explains mvc design pattern, how it is useful for designing IPhone applications and how it is beneficial over other design patterns.

4. View and view controllers

This Session explains about UIView and UIWindow classes. And know about what are view and view controllers, how to initialize view controllers and view life cycle, view hierarchy. Designing views connect view to view controllers and navigation view controller.

5. UIkit elements and interface builder and GUI tool

This Session explains how to create uikit elements like buttons, switch, segments, and text fields etc programmatically. And also explains how to design applications using interface builder, how to connect interface to our code (File’s owner, first responder) and also introduction to storyboard .

6. Navigation controllers and tabbar controllers

In this Session explains about how to create navigation in iphone application, how to use navigation controller and how to create tabbar controller to switch between more than two view controllers.

7. Tableviews

In this Session students will come to know what table view is, create datasource, tableviewcell, tableview delegate methods, insert and delete table data.

8. Picker view and date picker

This Session explains how to create pickerview and its datasource and delegate methods. Datepicker.

9. Introduction to sqlite database

In this Session students will come to know about SQLite database to store data and to do-CRUD operations in the SQLite database. Object classes, brief introduction to core data.

10. Memory Management

In this Session explains anout manual memory management retain, releases and reference counting.

11. Location based Services and maps

In this Session students will be trained on how to get current co-ordinates and showing in map. They will get knowledge regarding Geocoding and reverse Geocoding.

12. Gestures

This Session explains about different multi gestures like tap, pinch etc.

13. IAD Integration

This Session explains about how to integrate IAD in an application.

14. Xml and json parsing.

In this Session student know about how to parse xml and json data received from web response.

15. Web Services

In this Session students will come to know about how to integrate web services with application, how to interact with server based application using SOAP and rest based protocols, managing network connectivity.

16. Multimedia

In this Session students will be trained on media related application. They will get knowledge how audio and video file of different formats that IPhone supports. And they will know about how to play audio using avfoundation framework through a basic application.

17. Uiview animations and core animations

This Session gives a brief knowledge about uiview animations and basics of core animation techniques.

18. System events(Notifications)

This Session gives a detailed description about system events like local notifications and push notifications.

19. Submitting app to appstore

In this Topic- in this Session students will learn about how to submit an application to appstore.

Hands on experiences (Latest tools, techniques, Software’s) from application area.Trainee will gain a Consolidated knowledge of the I Phone SDK software. Trainee can use this experience as a real time experience, as the trainee will get a real time exposure while working on the Project.

Training Goal

What will be achieved?
After the completion of the IOS Mobile Application Development Course at Geosys, you should be able to understand:
  1. Basic IOS Development tools such as Xcode.
  2. How to use various Layouts and Templates in IOS Applications.
  3. How to create interactive applications in IOS with multiple activities including audio, video and notifications.
  4. Introduction to SQLite database.
  5. How to publish your App on Appstore.
  6. Use development tools, such as those found in the Xcode to efficiently create, understand, debug and optimize IOS applications.
  7. Understand the key forces and constraints acting on handheld devices and know how to accommodate these when designing and building their own IOS applications.
  8. Understand the IOS platform's organization, patterns and programming mechanisms and be able to use them effectively to develop their own iOS applications.

Course Overview

As a part of Geosys "IOS Mobile Application Development Course", You will be learning:
  1. Basic of IOS Development tools.
  2. Learn how to create and use various Layouts.
  3. Learn how to create various interactive applications in IOS
  4. Work with SQLite database.
  5. Publish your App on Appstore.


Q. What is the pre-requisite to take IOS Mobile Applications Development Training?
  1. Any Graduate with Good grasping skills.
  2. Good Communication & Presentation Skills.
  3. 2012, 2013 & 2014 pass Outs are Preferred.
  4. Self-Starter, Problem Solver, Strong Analytical Skills.

Desired Candidate Profile

  1. Any person with passion and who wants a career in IOS can opt for IPhone Course.
  2. A fresher, who is looking to make his career in IPhone application Development.
  3. An Experienced Professional who wishes to switch over to IPhone application Development.
  4. Any Professional who wishes to improve his/her skills.
  5. All students and professionals who are keen to create amazing Apps for IPhone should go for this course.
  6. Anyone who wants to learn IPhone application development should have basic knowledge of C and basic knowledge of object oriented programming along with an analytical blend of mind and logic reasoning.

Why choose this course?
If your interest goes beyond existing academic education and you want to know more about the latest technology which can boost your career then this programme is for you.


Q. How much does it cost?
A. Our programs are very competitively priced and reflect the level of choice and availability of modules open to you as a Trainee.

Q. Does Geosys offer any Projects?
A. Yes, with every course we have a sample project document along that contains complete source code. We also provide a special course on developing Projects which will help you to learn the process involved in all the stages of data development and application development.

Q. Do you also provide any course material?
Apart from the class, we also provide the material, to the related topics in the hardcopy format.

Q. Is there any project associated with the course?
A. Yes, of course! At the end of the course, you need to submit a project. Our support team will assist you to complete the project.

Q. What if I am not able to clear the exam in 1st attempt?
A. If you are not able to clear the exam in 1st attempt, you can re-take the exam for free, ask your doubts, get extra assistance to understand the concepts better and reappear for the exam.

Q. Who are the instructors?
A. Our instructors are not just trainers but industry experts who are working in leading organizations and have real world experience. All these folks are experienced and trained in providing both classroom and online training so that they can provide a great learning experience.

Q. Who will clarify my doubts, if any?
A. You can post a question to And we could provide you with the solution.

Q. What is the pre-requisite to take IOS Training?
1.All those students and professionals who are keen to create amazing Apps in ios should go for this course. 2.Anyone who wants to learn ios should have basic computer programming skills like C-Language, along with an analytical blend of mind and logic reasoning.

Q. Can I take a break between modules?
A. We appreciate that you are likely to be balancing study with other commitments such as employment and family and so we will do our best to accommodate any requests you make.

Q. How long does it take to complete the program?
A. We have Six programs. The table below illustrates the duration of each course.

Program Duration Batch time
Ios Application Development 4 weeks Flexible Timings
Android Application Development 4 weeks Flexible Timings
GIS - DDC 4 weeks Flexible Timings
GIS - ADC 6 weeks Flexible Timings
Web API’s 2 weeks Flexible Timings
Soft Skills Depends on the selected Module Flexible Timings