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Hari Shankar Reddy Yeruva, Director and Technology Evangelist.

Hari Shankar Reddy is the Director and Technology Evangelist of GEOSYS, an end to end Enterprise Solution provider offering affordable, innovative and flexible Enterprise solutions to customers across the globe.

As a Technology Evangelist his mission is to engage with the IT professionals and to drive excitement around GIS Platforms, Services and Technologies. As an Evangelist he takes the opportunity to reach and inspire technical audiences to successfully discover, understand, deploy and operate the core and unique technologies within their chosen domains.


Creating Opportunity both within and outside of the organisation, delivering projects which make a difference to the client, creating products which can benefit everyone in the society by making their life easier are some of the objectives of his Career ...Read more

Janaki G

Janaki is a Strategic Planner and a Manager for IT & ITES who plans for and implements all aspects of IT and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - related projects including facilitating Project Teams, Identifying Resources and Establishing Project Objectives, working with Timelines and milestones to develop standards for GIS deployment and use. With extensive knowledge of Esri Technologies, the GIS Manager determines which system is most appropriate for the task and how to easily move data between the systems.

  • Ensures the timely implementation of GIS-related projects.
  • Assists in the development and management of GIS project plans including Defining requirements, tasks, and resource assignments, ensuring that approved quality levels and deadlines are met.
  • Prepares GIS Project plans and schedules to include coordinating resources, tasks, and work assignments.
  • Manages GIS-related teams of staff and vendors to ensure that GIS project objectives and time lines are met.
  • Develops standards for GIS deployment and Provide GIS-related technical guidance and assistance to project teams.
  • Serves as a liaison with GIS vendors for the proper acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of GIS-related resources.
  • Maintains expertise in GIS-related software and technologies.
  • Ensure that Permitting, Planning, and Asset Management systems must have the latest GIS data.
  • Ensure that staff using GIS has training and technical support as needed.
  • Interface with other departments or outside agencies regarding future GIS projects.
  • Provide support to the organizations in terms of mapping and staffing.
  • Work with minimal staff and budget to achieve GIS goals.
  • Understand emerging GIS technologies and their applications to improve services.
  • Explain GIS-related technical issues and concepts to non-technical staff.